Mist Concentrate

A pre-scented crystal clear mist concentrate that you can turn into linen or body mists! The end result is a crystal clear spray, no more cloudy or alcohol sprays! Need an easy and profitable mist that does not contain alcohol? Our mist concentrates are your answer! It is formulated for linen and body use.

Here are the recommended steps to prepare your Linen/Body Mist! I normally make up a gallon at a time to save time! I pour the preserved water right back into the gallon bottle and fill my order as needed.
1. Boil distilled water for 20 minutes, let cool to under 120 degrees.

2. Add water based preservatives as recommended by the manufacturer to boiled, cooled water.

3. Let water cool completely.

4. Add 1 ml concentrate with pipette to 2 oz of preserved water. You may adjust this amount according to your personal preference.

5. Shake, shake, shake!

6. Voila, crystal clear sprays!
Q: What’s in it? how do I list my label?
A: Ingredients: distilled water, essential oils, aloe vera juice, polysorbate, witch hazel, vitamin E, preservative (INCI of your preservative). A small amount of phenopip has been add keep the concentrate fresh. It is at a ratio of .05%. This is not even detectable once that’s blended into your bottle at the rate of 1 ML per oz of the entire concentrate. It is up to you whether you wish to list it, but I don’t think it’s detectable at such a tiny fraction of the finished spray (multiple zeros after the decimal point). The fraction in question is .05% of 3ML per 2 oz water).

Q: Can I color the sprays?
A: You may use any cosmetic grade liquid colorants, only a drop or two is required. You will need to add the colorant you used in the label.

Q. Why is this a concentrate and not already made finished product?
A. You now have control over how much scent to put into your sprays, no more paying shipping for water!

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Mist Concentrate: Floralia

Mist Concentrate: Floralia

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Mist Concentrate: Lavender & Rosemary

Mist Concentrate: Lavender & Rosemary

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