Flexible Molds

Why Flexible?

A Flexible Soap Mold is Easier to Use

    after the soap has cooled
  • Flexibility greatly improves the release of your cured soap from the mold cavity.
  • Since soaps are easier to get out of the molds, more detail and smaller detail, which may have crumbled before, is now not only possible, but easy.
  • With gentle flexible soap molds, your fingers are spared the rawness and pain cause by pushing repeatedly against hard inflexible plastic.

A Flexible Soap Mold Lasts Much Longer

    flex gently
  • By using flexible vinyl instead of hard plastic, Flexus Molds are more durable and not prone to the cracking and warping that other molds have.
  • Because Flexus Molds last so much longer than other molds but are similarly priced, your per use cost is significantly lower allowing you to enjoy soapmaking that much more.
  • Without constantly having to replace cracked molds, you can focus on collecting all the shapes you want instead of just the ones you need.

A Flexible Soap Mold is Easier to Clean

    push from the back of the mold
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe and with a high-gloss polished finish, Flexus Molds are a snap to clean.
  • Clear walls and accessible corners also facilitate an easy thorough clean with no scouring or scrubbing to remove the colorant or other secret ingredient.
  • The days spent using toothbrushes and toothpicks to clean stubborn ingredients off your molds are no longer. Now you can easily clean your soap molds with a warm wet soap washcloth.

On Clear Material

    and the soap easily pops out
  • By using clear material, Flexus Molds take the guesswork out of soapmaking.
  • Bubbles and half filled cavities are easily detected and fixed with transparent material.
  • By not wasting resources on incomplete or bubbly soap, Flexus Molds allow you to have a consistant and efficient output.

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